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Earth Song by Michael Jackson

Introduction: Earth song is the third single from Michael Jackson’s album HI Story: Past, Present and Future, Book I. It is a ballad that incorporates elements ofblues, gospel and opera. Michael had a long- standing history of releasing socially conscious material such as Man in the mirror; We are the World and Heal the world. However, Earth song was the firstthat dealt with the environment and animal welfare. The song was written and composed by Michael; the production was split between him, David Foster and Bill Bottrell. The song centered on thedestruction and rebirth of Earth and went to receive a Grammy nomination in 1997. He also received recognition from various animal and environmental organizations.
Development: At the beginning of the song,we can hear a fragile piano intro. The melody is simple and easily hummed. It has its moment, and then the vocals begin. The vocals are strong and pure; it cuts trough the emotion and rhetoricallyquestions us: (What about Sunrise? What about rain?) The contrasting gamut (=gamme) of ``Earthly`` moods. Earth ``smiles`` during a sunrise and `` cries`` during a downpour. `
``What about all the thingsthat you said was yours and mine? ``, He subtly links the nature with the humanity. He makes us link: who is he talking to? Who is it that promised him those entire things? Was it Earth itself? Orjust a simple man? Then the voice is quivering (= frémissement) with emotion, he asks us if we`` ever stopped to notice, this crying Earth, its weeping shores? `` He successfully personifies the Earth.By using the word `` weeping`` as if it was capable of its very own emotion.
In the second stanza, the transition to the ``ahhh`` and ``Ohh`` is one of the most powerful moments in the piece.Suddenly, it is no longer about a man singing about the pains of the Earth, it is the Earth itself singing. Michael voice is pure as he produces sounds that cannot be linked to the human speech. Yet, the...