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-My hiro’s name is magic girl
-In the real life, her name is “mary” , a teenager same every people in the wirld . she is medium height mary has a medium wavy brownhear ,but magic girl has a very long straight blond hair .she is slim mary wear the clothes same the teenagers of our generation . Magic girl has a purple costume , apurple skirt and a purple tee-shirt with a big red capitol M in the middle of her cheft
She has a red gloves and a red boots .She has a red belt and a red band in her headto .
She can create a big pink wings in her back for flying . In her hears , she has a pair of red earrings . Magic girl has a super little friend .A little acolyte.Its a little magic tet . His name is magic pets . He has a little wings in his back and a very big black eyes . It’s a big fur ball and he is brown . He has lot’s off hairall soft
-Magic girl are courageous and ready at any for help people and save the resident of her city.
She can be very flexible and fast .She can fly ,she can has somuch magic powers . she can decide all the powers she wants . She can create all the powers possible. She can throwing magic balls , of fire or of water or whatever shewants . She can create a magic shild around she , she can become invisible ,she can change her appearance ,she can create all the powers imaginable . She can appearanything she wants ,she can teleport her self and any body ,and very more again .She is very magic .
-In the real life, any body know who she is . Just little pet know she ismagic girl. She change her appearance just for help the people , so she transforms mary in magic girl just in a problem for save a body for exemple .She is magic girl .