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Religion in Indonesia :

Indonesia have the largest muslim population in the world, which represents 88 percent of it's population, the others religions in the country are christianity , buddhism ,and hinduism.

The Islam religion first came to Indonnesia by the 12th century, and spread by peaceful reasons all the country's archipelago. It's suppose to have come with the muslimmerchants of that time. it became a trading religion. at the end of the 14th century all kingdoms on Java were muslims.And the muslim population went incrising
During the dictature of both Sukarto andSuharto, the demand of an islamic state has been refused, considering the population to fragile to accept it . by the resignation of Suharto a lot of violence occured mostly against the chinese minorityand by the democratic political a lot violence has threaten indonesia as such of the terrorism group Jemaah Islamiyah( which means islam organization in arabe), this group of extremist muslims whohave made recently terrorist attacks such as the bombs in Bali in 2002, were 200 people most of them tourists died, or in 2005 a bomb in the ambassidy of Australia.However those muslim are a minority whohave a misinterpretation of the Coran and think terrorism suicide attaks are an act of a martyr . This is not what most muslim thinks, whose believes about the coran are peaceful with high moralprincipes and for killing is a sin. Even do Indonesia is a democratic and tolerant country, the demand to make it a islamic state remains one of the country's debate.

This religionrepresents 9 percent of the population.The reason of this religion in the ondonesian archipelago came obviously from the Dutch colony and the portegues had a strong influence too. During the Suhartogoverment in 1965 take over, everybody had to have a religion because if you hadn't you were considered communist, and communist were killed. So a lot of people, mostly chinese took Chrstianity.
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