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Here are 7 months that you left my son. I write this letter to you in order to know how you go. How does your life occur over there?
I learned that yourunit returned at the base thanks to information televised… In the last letter that I received from you, you said to me that the combat is very hard and that youwould ask whether you had made well be soldier. Last week I received the visit of one of your friends who is in permission, Paul Stewart. We lengthily discussedthe life in Iraq, then we spoke about you. He said to me which point miss we you and which you are in a hurry to have your permission.
Since you left the lifechanged well without you, it is not any more the same one. We summons sad that you would not be here our dimensioned, but we know has which point makes itserve the country is important for you. If not, we are very well, your brother is very proud of you. 2 months ago we did work in your room like in the house, webuilt a swimming pool; because we knew that the life is not easy in Iraq thus here it will be the “paradise”. The life is not any more what it is without you, in 3weeks it is your birthday thus one will celebrate it in your honor!
My son knows that we all support you, your parents, your brother, your friends, yourneighbors… It is known that it is hard for you. Once all that finished you will return has the house as that will be to us all together like front.
My child, wewill encourage you in what you do, you are very courageous, we believe in you and we are very impatiens that you return
, You we you are loved miss.