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Writing a letter, sending short text messages, talking over the phone, chatting on the internet. What is the influence of these means ofcommunication of your everyday life.

In my opinion or in my situation, the new technology like sending short text messages or chatting

on the internettake a large place in my life. I am use to be on the internet or to have my mobile

always with me.

I think that I spend one hour on my mobileand about one hour on the internet a day.

Finally, I think that all this processes affect my social life. As I cannot help spending a lot of timeon

my mobile, looking for messages or talking into the phone, I forget to have a real conversation with

my friend or my family.

In onehand this new technology could be good and useful to join our friends or family circle. But

on the other hand it could break some strong links withour family.

The example of the letter is a little bit different, it is an old fashioned way of communication and I

try to use it in somecases but it is less and less frequent and it is a way of communication which

have been replaced by short messages or phone calls.

To my mind itis a way of communication with a certain appeal that we have to save.

To conclude, in my life, technology like the internet or using mobile isnot an addiction but I spend

a lot of time with this items. It is a new lifestyle and I have to keep in touch with my friends or my