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This document is a photography. We can see a man who is on the back of a donkey. This man has short black hair, he has a delicate face and he looks worried...Presumably this man comes from a southern country. The man got a black t-shirt, blue trousers with red stripe on the side. He wears slippers. He holds a green sealunder one arm.
This donkey is loaded like a mule. He got two big bags on either side of his back. This gives us the impression that the entire load mayfall at one time or another. The donkey is gray, he looks sad... We can think that he is walking for hours. Many of fatigue weighed on him.
In the backgroundwe can see trees, rocks and some dry grass. They walk on a small dirt road. On this photography, it's a sunny day.
The man must surely be afraid of fallingtoo. He isn’t very reassuring. It may be thought that his donkey doesn’t progress quickly enough. The sun is here, the man should have only one desire, drink afull glass of water. Maybe, he thinks that on the back of a donkey he will return home soon.
To make the donkey work easier, the man could walk side insteadof staying on donkey’s back. He could make her tenderness, and then offer him treats for motivation. Indeed, « it’s the carrot that drives the donkey ».
Ifound this photo very interesting. In fact, it shows that men think only of themselves. I don’t mean men in general. But it’s true that often we think only ofourselves. Even when applied to animals. Perhaps this photography doesn’t show that. However, it reflects exactly the kind of human phenomena.