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1) Write a factual account of the events related to the sort story

1) The mother of Barry reads the newspaper and the news aren't good: a series of murdersdestroys an English community. The victims belong all to the same "category" and answer the same description (wide liquid eyes, soft mouth, long dark hair full house, doe-eyed, girlish faces). Worry, shesays to her son that she does not like that he goes out at night and decreases him by comparing him to his cousin Ronnie who is big and hardly, contrary to Barry.
The hero, fascinated by the murders,reviews the previous victims and enjoys trying to guess the following victim by going to dangerous bars and to places. He went out one evening, in the deserted streets and entered the Red Lion. Heobserved a woman who tried to pick up a man. The man did not seem very interested, he left and the young woman also, also. Barry followed her because he worried about her, he found that she correspondedto the perfect victim because she belonged according to him to the good category. He approached her and they discussed. She suggested him taking back her at her and they passed by the places of themurders.
Barry wondered what was the reason of the murderer to commit these crimes. The woman explained him that she hated the men and that she could understand the killer and says that he indeed hadof good reasons to kill these persons. The conversation became very tense, Barry got closer and she fled. She stumbled and taken out the scarf which she had in her pocket. We understand then that shekilled Barry and that it is thus the killer, a woman.

2) Comment on the devices used by the author to dely the answers and misslead the reader

The point of departure rests on the idea that theserial killer is a man.
This idea especially forte that Ruth Rendell lowers nice flood us with opposite indications, more and more the last line to see finally the truth.

Instead of speaking...
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