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« American Life », Madonna.

The American dream is the idea according to which any person living in the United States can become prosperous. The notion of this possibility for any immigrant tosucceed from nothing was strengthened by the territorial area, the resources and the political and economic liberalism which characterize the United States. Through the song “American life» , Madonnaillustrates the myth of the American dream but also the obstacles which we can meet.
It would be interesting to see if everybody can be part of the American dream.
So, we will first highlight the way ofthinking of Madonna concerning the American dream. Next, in a second part, we will study the fact that the American dream is superficial.

I. The way of thinking of Madonna.

( 1st stanza:critizes immediately the myth (change her personality to be accepted).
( 2nd stanza: answers the question of the 1st stanza. She uses a anaphora “I tried” to amplify the fact.
( 3rd stanza: no friends.( Phenomena of Melting Pot (a process of assimilation of immigrant populations from diverse origins who transforms into a homogeneous society) ( immigrants are dissatisfied and disappointed.II. American dream is superficial.

( The goal of the American dream is to be rich, famous and have lots of success. This is only material, and therefore superficial. The people in the American dreamand the other did not have the same values.
( Last stanza ( superficial because of the soymilk in her coffee.
( The life of this sort of person still need to show that she is rich and famous. Forinstance, this person has many persons of her service. We can see in the last stanza that everyone has an agent, a manager, an assistant, etc... So we can conclude by saying that the life of a star islargely superficial, they must give the image that his life is a paradise on earth.

Through our analysis, we tried to understand the life of the people who are in the American dream.
For this, we...