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Tunisia(officially the Tunisian Republic), is a country located in North Africa. It is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Its sizeis almost 165,000 km² with an estimated population of just over 10.3 million. Its name is derived from the capital Tunis located in the north-east.
The seasons..As with its landscape, Tunisia'sclimate offers a season for everyone's taste. Sailing, surfing, diving, golfing, exploring the archeological sites, deserts and oasis is a pleasure from October to May when the average temperature rangesfrom 12-28° C.
Spring, March through May, brings spectacular displays of wild flowers throughout the countryside and Autumn, October to December, offer warm seas and a particularly golden sun. FromJune through September warm weather is the rule and August brings the peak of the summer heat. This is the season for the joy of refreshing a sun bronzed body in the cool sparkling Mediterranean
Anisland of ten thousand palm trees rising from the sea like a mirage. This Polynesia of the Mediterranean is ringed by miles of fine sandy beaches and luxury hotels, ultra modern or built in the fashionof the traditional Djerbian "menzel", stand ready to welcome the traveller.
Hospitable and friendly Djerba welcomes you to participate in its festivals - watch the "Gougou" dancers in Midoun, join awedding procession following the bride hidden high on a camel and preceded by the joyous music of tambourines and flutes. Steal a few precious moments to share the splendor of a Mediterranean sunsetwith fishermen casting their nets. Refreshed and relaxed return again and again
Dougga is all that one dreams a Roman site should be. Grandiosetemples and theaters, forum and markets stand in remarkable repair on a mountainside overlooking wheat fields and valley. Imposing Dougga spreads over 65 hectares, its position on the slopes forced Roman...