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Vocabulaire:hurdle : haie/career:carrière/wage:salaire/sexual harassment:harcellement sexuel/abuse of power:abus de pouvoir/ob
stacle:obstacle/overworked:surchargé de travail/low:bas-high:haut-sexist:macho/work double day:journée de travail double-
do the housework:faire le ménage-care for(the children):soin (pour les enfants)-manage to V: réussir à V-climb over:escalader-be
confrontedwith:étre confronter à-take advantage of:profiter de-make advances to sb:faire des avance à qqun-be a victim of:etre victime d
e-symbolize:symbolizer-put up with something:supporter qqchose/ to iron:repasser-to do the ironing:faire le repassage-to vacuum:
passer l'aspiraeur-to hoover:passer l'aspirateur
NEED+V-ing: exemple: SHE:darling the bulb in the kitchen needs replacing (doit etreremplacé).could you please fix it as soon as possible? HE:
of course, i'll do it right away(tt de suite)
voc à utiliser pour les phrases ac NEED+ing:washing the car-doing the dishes-gardening-repairing thecar-replacing a bulb-ironing-cooking
meals-making the beds-building shelves-wallpapering(faire tapisserie)-sweeping the floor(balayer le sol)-lighting the barbecue-fixing the tv-hoovering(aspirer).IKEA: this article was published in ikea room magazine in july 1999. it was written by journalist natalia marshall. IKEA is a great swedish firm/ c
ompany which sells furniture and accessories for thehouse.

THE women : the women is juggling with : a feather duster:the housework/ a baby : looking after children/ a tee shirt with 2 clothes pegs:
dirty washing/ an iron:in charge of the neatness= soin,propreté /so the women is associated with CHORES:corver
THE MAN: a football: free time/the man is associated with pleasure.

Which cliché is depicted here?
The idea that mens alwaysmanage(réussissent) to get some fun, while( alors que ) women have to cope(faire face) with so many
taks (tache) at home that they never have any free time.Women have to be well to be organised to...