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You know very well that I loathe taking the plane...
Well, we have only to go there by boat. We have all our time(weather), is not it?
You would agree to make this long journey for me?Naturally. You are my husband and I love you, I do not like seeing you in these states there because of me... And then, a journey alone, it is not very funny.
OK! No problem. I go to see pricelists(rates), and promised, tomorrow we shall leave at the crack of dawn!
An educational and emotional role
Often present to assist the relatives, the grandparents have the advantage to possess morespare time. Less put under stress, installed in a rhythm of more quiet life and put, they can play thus at leisure an emotional and educational role. By increasing, the child is gladly going to considerthem as those who do not punish, who make presents... Very attached to them, they can be the confidants from the very beginning, teach to him to make a cake or of the knitting, to take time of a walk,to tell stories of past... In brief, grant him some attention, without substituting itself however for the relatives. It is not a question for the grandparents of deciding on the place of therelatives or of imposing what seems to them good. A situation of conflict could ring on the child and cause an important stress. It is in particular the case when both generations have no same opinion on thelearning of the cleanliness: former trying.
An essential point of reference
The presence of grandparents allows to anchor the child in its roots. They are carriers of past, of the history of thefamily. It is them who possess family photos, sometimes also family house, loaded with memories. They guarantee a certain stability and can give evidence of an implanting in a region. If we comparethe family just like a tree, specifies the psychologist, grandparents are roots and relatives the chief branches on which the child, from any young and throughout his life, can always lean to...