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Andrew’s mother

1) What studies have you done?
I began my career as a helping professional in 1993 after receiving my Master’s in Education inClinical Counseling. Then I worked as an independent contractor with local Employee Assistance Programs where I gained extensive experience working with diversepopulations on a variety of clinical issues. During this time, I also provided trainings addressing workplace productivity and efficiency to business andindustry.
I opened my private practice and counseling services to individuals, couples and families while continuing to provide health and wellnessprogram design and training services to workgroups including healthcare professionals, law enforcement officers, and administrative personnel. In 2003,believing it was essential to become more solution and results focused in my work, I initiated offering life coaching services.

2) In what consist your job?I am a kind of therapist, I create a work/life balance, and stress relief. We work on the relaxation, my clients Learn techniques for relieving feelingsof stress and anxiety
3) In which place do you work?
I often work by phone, I speak with them and I organize some classes in Bethesda, and somemeeting.

4) who are your clients?
My clients are all women, it is a kind of personal development company for women

5) In what do you like your job?
Ilike to be next to the people and help them in their life, I really enjoy it. I am sometimes very close with the client, and it can create friendships.