Do you think marriage is an outdated institution ?

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  • Publié le : 25 octobre 2010
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The marriage is the establishment of a life's community called family by the official union of two persons. Traditionally, it is a question of officializing the justifiableunion of a man and a woman. Then a ceremony is organized at the celebration's occasion of this union.

But the marriage it is not an outdated institution?

Toanswer at it, we shall show in the first place that the marriage is an institution which begins to get lost. Nevertheless, in a second part, we shall show that the marriage isnot still a past.

Firstly, get married nowadays lead to an important financial cost. Indeed, the ceremony is a big expensive organization: caterer, dress, rings,invitation cards, flowers, hairdresser, champagne, pastries, animation... Yet, the marriage is a strong bond which binds the persons for a very long time, so the separation ofthe two spouses is difficult. It's for this reason that of large people hesitate to get married, they fear of to weary one of the other one and to stay together without to loveeach other.

However, the marriage is all the same an act which permit to prove his love. This institution is a proof of a deep love. He permits a mutual respect and ahope of a happy and lasting life. Morever, this act allows to found a family. For the children, to have married is important. They will always in security come what may atthe one of the parents. The marriage is an element mainstay to found a family structured which will last for a long time.

In conclusion, that in spite of thisinstitution's financial cost, the marriage is necessary to establish a long-lasting family. Furthermore, this act prove our love which you should make without hesitation.