Does popularity depend on what you have ?

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Does popularity depend on what you have ?

What means the word « popular?
Be liked or admired by many people or by a particular group.
So, popularity depends on what you have? This is thequestion which we will try to answer. That way, we’ll see if popularity depends on what you have or what we are?
When we say popular, we often think about a person rich, on account of what she possesseslike computer games, clothes.
Indeed, the money is often accountable of the popularity because he, we allow to be well-know and to make friends more quickly.
Moreover you can choose friends becausesome people associate out of self –interest. For example, Paris Hilton is famous because her father is wealthy and she knew to take advantage of this condition for to introduce herself .like in thetext, connor, it is popular because it has a enormous bedroom and lots of games. Likewise for Angelina Jolie, she is a famous actress, however she became known thanks to her foreign aid
Consequently,popularity doesn’t depend on always what you have materially, on the contrary, but on what you have inside as ours qualities.
However, when human relationships are based solely on wealth, they losetheir human side. And if you hear people having many friends, you learn that friends, true, are those who mock you are rich or you do not wear Nike. And those people, who alone is worthy of confidenceare very rare. We do recognize that when we have problems and they are there to help.

So yes, you will be "popular" if you have the latest console to fashion or anything, but we must ensure thatthe relationships is based primarily on your personality.

To conclude, popularity comes from different way at each other, some people became popular for what they have whereas others for theircharacters, their qualities. So someone who doesn’t possess anything can become as popular as the one who possesses all.

i think that the popularity depend on what you are ,Of personality that is...