Does the internet make people less social?

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Does the Internet make people less social ?
The Internet is a powerful tool that connects millions of people all around the world. That is why it is often said that the world has become a globalvillage. However, more and more people thinks that the Internet increases the isolation of its users. Does connecting to the whole planet online entail that we are not able to have face-to-facecontact any longer?

After work, people often log on to the Internet as soon as they get home. They chat online, answer their mails , instead of having real conversations with people face-to-face. Theysend messages all around the world , yet they do not know the people next door. Besides, the chats they have with people who live far away are often very superficial. Meeting at the nearest pubcertainly enables people to get to know each other better than typing on a keyboard !
Today, people also do their bank accounts and their shopping online. As they do not go out much, they become strangersto one another.
Moreover, the Internet can even become harmful if users become addicted and only live virtual lives , through their avatars , for example.
To sum up, when people spend too muchtime online, they become less social in the 'real world'.

But do the social contacts that we have with people face-to-face enrich our lives ? Does going to the shops mean quality communication? Thisis not the sort of contact that make people's lives better ! People who shop online save a lot of time that they can spend with friends instead !
Needless to say, the Internet also enables people tokeep in touch with friends who live far away . Mails and online chats are the best ways to get news without disturbing them or spending money.
Also, a lot of sites enable people to virtually meetother people who have the same passions; they would never have had a chance to talk to them otherwise.
In short, the Internet enables people to choose who they want to be social with, without first...