Doing business in china

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Doing business in China

A key list of "do's and don'ts" of doing business in China is interesting to know before to begin to deal with Chinese people.

Influence of Confucianism

TheConfucianism was born in Shandong province, and it still important in this province.
In essence Confucianism revolves around the concept of harmonious relationships. If proper behavior through duty, respectand loyalty are shown in relationships. So, when doing business in China it is possible to see how Confucianism affects business practices.

Social behavior

Doing business always involves meetingand greeting people. In China, meetings start with the shaking of hands and a slight nod of the head.
Body language and movement are both areas that foreigner people have to be conscious of whendoing business in China. A foreigner should always be calm and controlled. Body posture should always be formal and attentive as this shows you have self-control and are worthy of respect.

Giving GiftEtiquette

Unlike many countries, the giving of gifts does not carry any negative connotations when doing business in China. Gifts should always be exchanged for celebrations, as thanks forassistance and even as a sweetener for future favors. However, it is important not to give gifts in the absence of a good reason or a witness.

Time to decide

It takes time and effort to buildrelationships, which Chinese companies.
Above all, be patient and never show anger or frustration. Decisions will take a long time either because there is a lack of urgency, simultaneous negotiations aretaking place with competitors or because the decision makers are not confident enough.

Lunch/Dinner in China

There is no business talk in China without at least one trip to a restaurant.Sometimes, a trip is made to the restaurant even before any business discussion take place.
There is an elaborate seating arrangement for a Chinese business meal. There are fixed seating positions for the...