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Session Work

The movie, Smokin’ Aces 2 : The Assassin’s Ball, ends when the bad guy, Hal Leuco, gets shot by the personnal caracter, Agent Baker, and the movie ends by that scene. In our team wedecided to change the end of this movie because it could make a really sequel if the bad guy survived at the end.

Briefing of the movie:

Agent Baker is working for the FBI when he is informed ofa special case of assassination. The target is Walter Weed, an old guy who really likes magic tricks and he is working for the government, someone put a price on his head, the reward of 3 millionsAmerican dollars. If the assassins want the money in their pocket they will have to kill Walter Weed before April 19th at 3:00 A.M. The hit attracted some of the most talented assassins of the U.S.A .First of all, there is a very strange family, The Tremor’s,composed with, Baby Boy,Kaythleen alias AK-47,who’s shooting clowns toward the enemy, in second comes the surgeon, Finbar McTeague, LazloSoot, the master of disguise, Ariella Martinez, the black widow and Anthony Vejar, the quiet hitman. The movie begins when the handicaped deskman, Walter Weed, is informed that a 3 millions dollars amountis given to anyone who is killing this old guy. Many FBI agent are willing to protect Mr. Weed from those assassins at any price, but first the FBI will hide and protect Mr. Weed by locking him downin a bunker under a bar heavily guarder with FBI agents. They're all humans so there will be loses on both sides and one of the assassins will actually take possession of the identity of one of theFBI’s agents, Agent Dumare, in order to get closer to Walter Weed. When the suspense is at the highest level, and everybody thinks Walter Weed will be safe, the only girl in the Tremor family, Kaythleenalias Ak-47 blow her way through the bunker's back wall and start shooting the guards surrounding Walter Weed, to finally end with a bullet in the head from one of the agents. Fritz and Lesler...