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Does music help people to get closer?

Music seems to have always existed.
Each ethnic group has his own and specific style in the same way they have their own language.Firstly used to communicate from place to place, it has always developped through the ages. Today we inherit of this extraordinary diversity of knowleged. It has become an Art long anddifficult to master that unables people to express one's feeling and creativity with infinite variety.
I notice that music is played in any event, celebrations at church, in a party, in amilitary demonstration... so we can wonder if music is necessary to help people to get closer.
In the first place let's talk about the conviviality of music and in the second place, we'llhave a look at the individual aspect of music.

3 arguments in favour.

For instance at a concert, we move together on the same music, we are close together in the same energy.During a musical repetition, we learn to know and to respect the other musicians.
When listening to music with friends you can share emotions. It is a way to express your tastes andsensibility.

3 arguments not in favour

1. The rivality between musicians for instance in music competitions,puts them against each other.
2. With new technologies andatriums, we don't listen to music together but for oneself.
3.Some people prefer listening or playing music alone .

From my point of view as an instrumentist. Iexperiment the pleasure to play together, the feeling to be an active part of a group. On the scene, we don't only share the music but also friendship, solidarity and complicity with peopleyou would never meet otherwise...

Moreover, when I listen to a piece of music, I can share the emotions of the composer and his personnal universe. This is also a way to meet somebody !