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PROJET FIL ROUGE de girard Cyril bm2 apprenti. Cultural project

" congratulations, you have just met the ICF” (Message left by a group of hooligans on the body of an opposite supporterafter they killed him)

Of its true name " hoolihan ", that is the name of an Irish family, beheaded under reign of queen Victoria for her behavior of an extreme violence during riots. Thisterm indicates followers of football, in particular English today, using the violence into stadium and around. It is however necessary to notice that the Anglo-Saxon do not use it and prefer thepejorative term of " thugs ". The term hooliganism has been born in May, 1985. Liverpool and Juventus of Turin play finale of the Europ Cup of clubs champions at the stage of Heysel in Brussels (death of33 Italian supporters). Due to the interpetation of this drama by the journalists, in the collective imagination, the hooligan became definitively an Englishman, a young person, badly insertedsocially, delinquent in the common life and soaked with alcohol.

1. causes and origins

The explosion of hooliganism corresponds for researchers' large number as Ian Taylor, John Clarcke,Norbert Elias and Eric Dunning, in the socioeconomic collapse of Great Britain in the 1970s in 1980. Great Britain is at the edge of the bankruptcy. This economic collapse provokes Margaret Thatcher'sarrival to the power and the institution of a said policy of " rigor and austerity to the detriment of lower classes and discriminated social categories. Hooligans, the heroes of John King's novels,seem to translate into acts a shape of existential confusion fed refusal of the disparities, unemployment,....

2.Who are they and why did they become hooligans?

In 1999, in a reportrealized in camera hidden, Donald McIntyre, journalist from the BBC, infiltrates among the headhunters of Chelsea. We discover it men connected to a neonazi small group called " Fight 18 ". But the...