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  • Publié le : 20 juin 2010
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Dear Mr. Röben,
I’m writing to express my deep interest in the position of Intern in your M&A department (reference 583159) posted on the net at and I enclose my CV for yourconsideration.
I’m currently in year one of a Master’s Degree in Finance. My interest for both banking and business explain why I want to join your bank. Actually, my research has convinced me thatNIBC could give me the opportunity to develop my knowledge of corporate finance through a challenging internship. NIBC also appeals to me because of its strategy based on “assets classes and geographieswe know well”.
I believe that I have an appropriate academic background to hold the position. In fact, my Micro Economics’ course helped me to understand that mergers and restructurings represent amajor economic challenge for companies. In addition, I have good working knowledge of Company Law and Financial Analysis, which appears as an asset for an internship in an M&A department.
Myexperience in the financial sector includes an internship in a bank. Through this experience, I developed my understanding of banking services and learned how to manage business accounts. By producing reports,I also demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills which had been noticed by my internship coordinator.
Your business principles such as “we think clients” or “spirit of cooperationand teamwork”; are particularly appealing, correspond to my values and meet my expectations. For instance, I worked as a bank clerk, so, the satisfaction of customers’ enquiries was essential. As aconsequence, it has taught me to react quickly while performing precise tasks. That’s why I feel that my common sense is something that I could bring to your company. Besides, my experience as afactory worker demonstrates not only my adaptability, but also my ability to work in a team. My involvement in an association shows you my cooperation spirit and generally my strong personal ethics....