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Dragons Den

1- Glyde's Vegan Condoms
Investment: 150 000$ for 16% of the company
The products are condoms organics and eco and they are offer in 3 sizes and 5 flavors
They have 32customers in the small test market and she thinks sales for 22.7 millions in five years.
The dragons are not sure about the sales and the market but the independent pharmacies in Vancouver wantproducts in their stores.
They didn’t invent the products, they are only a distributor.
The Dragons are all out because they are a distributors and the inventor can cancel the business contractwhen he wants.

2- Take me to the cleaner
150 000$ for 10% of the business
It’s a board game about the relationship between man and woman.
This game is unique and universal because it’s aboutthe relationship and the real life.
He has no sales, because it is a prototype. He wants money for market and manufacturing the games because he already has a distributor.
The dragons like thegames but the problem it’s the man have no money because he never sales his product. He doesn’t know if the board game will be popular or not.

3- Track it back.
200 000$ for 25% of thebusiness.
It’s a sticker that we put on our phone, iPod, blackberry, cameras, etc. If we lose a cell phone, the person who finds it, calls the number in the sticker. They return for a reward.
Thesticker and service cost 15$ and the first year is free. Some dragons like the product because many people lost our phone everywhere and anywhere. But some dragons don’t like because the new cell phone,camera, iPod can have a GPS inside.
Finally they have an offer for 200 000$ and 25% of the business plus 4% of royalties.

4- Movie palace
500 000$ of 25% of the business
It’s a theater withretro design.
It should be an attraction, you go there for the experience of the actual building, rather than the movie. So it should cost more, if he wants to make profit.

The big problem is...