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this drawning represent a collection of symbolic images of America
dominated by the star-spangled banner whch takes up the whole sky
against the sky: the top ofthe Empire State Building which used to be the highest building in the world
nearly as tall as the ESB, John Wayne ( a famous American film icon) is pointing his gun at the skyon the left, the faces of four US presidents carved in the rock of Mount Rushmore dominate the rest of the picture
right in the middle, Elvis Presley (the king of rock'n'roll) isplaying guitar; he's easily recognizable thanks to his hairdo (banana)
below MR, a native american in his feather headdress seems anxious
next to him, Lady Liberty is sitting at atable with Uncle Sam and Mickey instead of standing in her pedestal . She's drinking coke with a straw and the three of them seem to be sharing Mc Donald's french fries and a hamburgerU.S (whose clothes remind us of the US flag) is holding an Oscar
int he bottom right-hand corner Marilyn Monroe is shown with her skirt lifted by the draught coming from a subwayair-vent as she appeared in Billy Wilder's film « the seven-year itch »


composed of 50 satrs which represent the states and 13 stripes symbolizing the 13 originalcolonies that rebelles against the British.
The last version dates back to 1960 when Hawaii entered the Union


an imaginary character symbolizing the US
elderlyman with a goatee wearing the colors of the flag
he was named after Sam Wilson who supplied the troops with food
the boxes were stamped « US » and soldiers said these lettersmeant « Uncle Sam » (1812 war)
then during the first world war a poster was made, representing « Uncle Sam » to recruit soldiers. Nowadays he still represents the US government.