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What is Anti-Social Behaviour?
Anti-Social Behaviour is any incident that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or
distress to one or more individuals not of the same household as theperpetrator. Below is an
example list of incidents that could be classed as anti-social behaviour:
• Underage drinking
• Verbal abuse or abusive gestures
• Nuisance or illegal motorbikes
• Violenceor threats of violenceBehaviour?
If the incident is a less serious incident of
anti-social behaviour, before reporting it
to the Council or another agency first ask
yourself is there anything thatyou could try to
do to alleviate the problem. i.e.: -
• In the case of a neighbour dispute or where
an individual is causing nuisance, are
you able to speak with the person about
the problem?Sometimes individuals are
unaware that there is a problem or how
their behaviour can affect others.
• If you are unable to approach the
individual, could you write them a polite
letter outlining theproblem?
• If you are experiencing problems from
young people and you are aware of where
they live, are you able to speak with their
parents /carers? Often many parents are
unaware of theirchildren’s behaviour away
from home and appreciate being informed
of an incident so they have the first
opportunity to deal with the issue.
If you are able to speak with the perpetrator
try toremember the following:
• Stay calm and communicate in a polite
manner, remember if you are aggressive
the other person may become aggressive
too and the problem may not be resolved.
• Explain theproblem and how it is affecting
you or your family.
• Do not be verbally abusive.
• Listen to other people’s points of view and
give them the opportunity to speak.
• Try to reach an agreement.
• Ifyou cannot reach an agreement due to the perpetrator being unreasonable –leave
the discussion.
If you were able to speak with the perpetrator
and incidents are still occurring or have