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Introduction to the british Constitution.
Structure and existenc of british constitution.
The first point we need to say about the constitution is to give it a definition.
TheConstitution is a set of rule that govern, organize an entity.
If a constitution is a set of rules what does it govern?
In this case we need a country that why we normaly say that ich country have aconstitution. The constitution defends how the country has managed and who managed is it. If we takin about france or UK or even the USA we says that all this country have a Constitution. A constitutionalso give the details or establishes the organisation of the authory and the agency, the power who are in charge to governing.
An other important role of the Constitution is to limit the power whogovern the nation to defend human rights.We need some kind of superior rule to garanty citizen and individual human rights.
Organizing the government to the country and defending human right.
Is theConstituion is a writing act?
Some constitution are written, we call them written, codified Constitution. But these is not the case of all Constitution. Some country still have unwritten, uncodifiedconstitution. These is the case of British Constitution.
We also refered to the british constitution as a flexible constitution. It’s flexible because it could be modified.
How do they modified thecontsitution in UK?
One very recent of a modification of the constitution was in 2008. Decided by the governement made into law by parlement. If parlement decide to reforme certain law, then thebritish constitution is modified.
If we take about the american constitution it’s not to easy because it is the opposite of british constitution because it’s codified and not flexible. It’s call theamerican federal constitution of 1788. It is the first constitution and international law. It’s impossible for the US equivalent of parlement to modified the constitution simply by making new law....