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the place where I like going is certainly Dubai. It's an emirate of the united Arab emirates, the country is in the Persian gulf, the city is really big andamazing, it's the economical center of the UEA but the capital is Abu Dhabi, it's the center of political, industrial and cultural activities.
Altough the UAE isbecoming less dependent on natural resources as a source of revenue, petroleum and natural gas exports still play an important role in the economy, especially in AbuDhabi.
The cheik of Dubai is Mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, it's also the prime minister and Vice president of UAE.
The climate is hot and arid. In the summer thetemperature is around 40°c so the expat come home.

Dubai is famous for its building, it's amazing ! It's a commercial operation because everybody has to know theburj al Arab: it's like the tower Eiffel in Paris or the Sydney's opera, it is a very touristic attraction. But now there is the highest building of the world : theburj Kalifa.
Dubai has made a lot of invest in the real estate, be example the palms, the malls and the world.

After your city trip in Dubai, you can go to Oman,it' the last sultanate in the world. It's a country with a lot of desert, there are big canyon in the wahibba sands, there are a lot of peaceful and beautifulvillage. The desert and the mountains, I propose you to go to Sur or muscat ( the capital) on the sea. In the beach of sur, you can see a lot of turtle during the period ofreproduction.
At the end of your trip you can go to the capital of the Yemen : Sanaa. The building are red colored like the color of earth with white windows.