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dublin diary

by Nicolas Scheerens May 2008
This diary resumes the dublin visit made by the students of Henry Matisse and Bellevue Institutes from march 30th to april 6th 2008. 1st day The meetingwas at 1.30 pm at Toulouse airport. The excitment was growing at the same time the departure was approaching. In the airport, we met some of Bellevue' students. They seemed to be nice. After manycheckings of passports and identity cards, the plane took off to Ireland. The flight was troubleless. When we arrived at Dublin, the weather was not so cold, but a little rainy and cloudy. We took thebus from the airport to the meeting point where our « familles d'accueil » were waiting for us. We met our guest, Maraid, and a member of her family, Jane. I hope they were happy to see us, anyway wewere. At Maraid's, we met a polaish boy, very nice, Chris, who was also sleeping there. Maraid showed us the differents parts of the house, and invited us to eat. She prepared pastas with beans andmeat. After dinner, we went upstairs to our room, and discovered that Maraid was a very attentive person: she put a hot water bottle in our beds!

2nd day Maraid showed us the way to go to the meetingpoint. We took the bus to Temple Bar. There, we saw many bars serving Guiness beer, the famous Irish beer. I think this place is very sad during the day. Then we moved to St- Patrick's cathedral. Onthe road to St-Patrick, we had a general view of Trinity College. We had to complete a questionnary which informed us lots of things about Jonathan Swift. After that we had to lunch, so we moved to abig park to picnic. Unfortunately, it began rainning when we arrived... After lunch, we visited Grafton street because we had enough time to walk there. We could spot what we will buy on sunday. Then,we went to National Gallery, a big museum indeed! I was very happy to see this museum : there was so many beautiful pictures that I was suprised, disgusted or indifferent.. Back to home, Maraid put...