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Easy Account Manager by BlackDove For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Current Version Information
Easy Account Manager 1.0.25 MD5 Checksum: E3D4C788F82EA33F430B49D8D7352D36 Determine the EAM.exe MD5 checksum with free software from http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/md5sums/. If the checksum differs from the one above or the word “BlackDove” is removed from the program and / or all donationinformation is removed from the about menu, do not use EAM.exe as it has been tampered with. The latest version of EAM can be safely downloaded from http://www.thekernelspoofer.com/EAM.zip or http://www.mpcforum.com/forumdisplay.php?190-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-2. To find out the version of EAM you are using, click EAM’s about button (?).

License & Disclaimer
Easy Account Manager is programmed byBlackDove. Easy Account Manager is to be used at your own risk. BlackDove is not responsible for any undesired consequences encountered through the use of Easy Account Manager. BlackDove’s written consent is required to host Easy Account Manager for download. Easy Account Manager is provided as free software to individual users in private environments. A license is required to use Easy AccountManager in a commercial or community environment, including but not limited to stat tracking websites, gaming clan or league websites, recreational facilities and gaming lounges. To acquire hosting permission or licensing, e-mail BlackDove at TheKernelSpoofer@gmail.com. Donations are accepted via PayPal at TheKernelSpoofer@gmail.com.

About EAM
Easy Account Manager is a solution for importing,exporting and backing up your entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer playing statistics, including unlocks, custom weapon configurations, emblems, challenges, and more! Easy Account Manager is a game enhancement utility, allowing users to save multiplayer game progress, share stats and playing history with others. Easy Account Manager is not a hack or a cheat; as a deployment tool, it offersthe same benefits that are accessible to players who have a lot of free time on their hands. To report bugs, e-mail TheKernelSpoofer@gmail.com. Please include a detailed description of the problem, including your computer’s configuration and steps to reproduce the bug. BlackDove does not accept playerstats.txt creation requests.
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Explanation of Features
Automatic Stat ManagementAutomatic Stat Management automatically takes care of stat importation, exportation, dumping and general program behavior. The states of all Automatic Stat Management toggles are saved when EAM is closed. Users can also edit eamconfig.ini to customize EAM’s behavior without EAM running (to provide a standard configuration with multiple computers). Any text editor can be used to edit eamconfig.ini. Allsettings within eamconfig.ini are self explanatory. Import / Export Stats – when enabled, EAM waits for the game to load. When the game loads, EAM imports and applies stats from the playerstats.txt file (as defined in the stat path; the same folder as EAM by default). Every four seconds after the initial stat import, EAM saves stats to the playerstats.txt file. When the game closes, stats are nolonger saved. EAM then waits for the game to load again. Using Import / Export Stats, users have the freedom to play with whatever stats they wish, independent from the stats imported by the Steam Cloud. Dump Plaintext Stats – when enabled, EAM automatically dumps all stats from CoD: MW 2’s Barrack’s menu in easy to read plaintext format. Stats are automatically dumped every four seconds to theplaintextstats.txt file in the stat path folder. This feature behaves much like Import / Export Stats regarding interaction with the game. Example of dumped stats:

Load in System Tray – when enabled, EAM automatically loads to the system tray, located in the bottom right corner of the screen next to the Windows clock. Double click on EAM’s icon for window restoration. EAM can also be minimized...