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eclip solar eclipse in a country seeking acceptance

 Libya is a country that is difficult for Quebecers to live because there are so much rules you have to do and you can’t be free if you livein Libya

 A reporter wanted to interview someone from this country. After few minutes the discussion have stop because the guy told that the government watch them and they can’t talk together. The Government is very present and very authoritarian.
You can find them everywhere you go.

 Residents say they do not feel like beings a human. They say they want to be a human and feellike it.

 A majority of tourists coming to Libya for solar eclipses. That a thing you have to check if you come in the Libya.

 Many people go in the desert for these solar eclipses. It’s anatural phenomene and they are happy to have this in their country.

 We can find in Libya so many coffees, which is very popular. In these coffee, the majoritary of the people smoke water pipes.(Shisha)

 People describe solar eclipse as a bullet in the sky, something black so beautiful!

3 Questions
1- What is a solar eclipse?
2- Do you think that the government in Lybia is tooauthoritarian?
3- What do you think about our government?

Vocabulary List

1- . In 2003, after decades of economic sanctions and living in the political wilderness
2- the English National Opera isstaging Gaddafi the opera in London next month.
3- Who better to explore the mysteries of present-day Libya than our roving world-music reporter Marco Werman
4- And what better way to get insidethe country than to tag along with the 10,000 astronomy
5- tea shops and Byzantine alleyways of the capital, with a government minder in tow, Werman gets to work
6- Werman implores as merchants duckinside their storefronts.
7- a reverent hush falls over the crowd
8- Undeterred, our reporter heads to the annual international trade expo in town,
9- the celestial stage was set for something far...