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I) Your own project after copenhagen

Today, protecting the environment is one of the most important subject. With the Copenhagen meeting, politicians from all over the world came together to findsolutions. However, it failed because these politicians didn’t agree. The world powers don’t want to slow their economy because of the environment. Yet, little things can improve the situation. Ifeveryone participates, we will save our earth. We must think about the future, we won’t transmit our problems to our children! If global warming continues, it will lead to the disappearance of hundredsof plant and animal species, a sharp rise in water, tornadoes, tsunamis or droughts more frequent ... The ecosystem will change.
Thus, in my case, I act every day for our planet, but I can improveregarding some areas. I practice sorting, allowing recycling cardboard, plastics and glasses ... And I'm especially careful with my water consumption and electricity for our environment but I also wantto save money.
I take quick showers, I do not let the water run when I brush my teeth, I drink tap water (which limits the production of plastics and their transport). These are simple things that achild could do. Then, I recover rainwater for the garden using a water collector on the roof in the garden, and then I water my plants with this water. Finally, I am careful not to leave applianceson standby.
Concerning my don'ts now, I have some mistakes. I never use public transportation or carpooling. Moreover, I’m a driver in a car championship, and some persons consider this as pollution,but for me there are more pressing things to deal with. Whatever the environment, motor sports should not suffer. Then I threw some papers in the street, or chewing gum, altought I know it takes timeto degrade..
My efforts are not intense, because I think that polluters are not on our continent. We must say to developing countries to take care about our earth. It should inform and sensitize...