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English in Britain: Accreditation
Contents Introduction 1 The aims of the scheme 2 The service offered to students of English in Britain 3 What prospective students need to know 4 Complaints 5 Resources Available 6 Useful addresses Introduction The English in Britain Accreditation Scheme for English language teaching institutions in Britain operates as a quality assurance scheme for providers ofcourses in English as a foreign language in Britain. 1 The aims of the scheme

The aims of English in Britain accreditation scheme is to: ♦ set standards of quality and efficiency for British ELT institutions ♦ encourage British ELT institutions to aspire to even higher levels of quality and efficiency ♦ promote a wider knowledge of Accredited British ELT abroad, and of the educational andsocial benefits of studying English in this country ♦ protect international students of English in Britain by providing a choice of organisations committed to professional excellence. The scheme is managed by the British Council together with ARELS (The Association of Recognised English Language Services) and BASELT (The British Association of State English Language Teaching). The English in BritainAccreditation Scheme is open to all educational organisations engaged in the teaching of English as a foreign language. At present over 370 organisations are accredited under the Scheme. These, and only these, organisations are permitted to advertise themselves and their courses as accredited by the British Council.


The service offered to students of English in Britain

The schememonitors and aims to improve standards of management, teaching, resources and welfare in organisations teaching English as a foreign language in Britain. We do this through regular inspections (including unannounced spot checks). The following areas are inspected: ♦ Teaching and learning The inspectors see every class which takes place during the inspection, which usually takes place on one or two days(sometimes more), when the organisation is busy. Amongst other things, they check that the teachers are using up-to-date teaching methods and materials, that the students know what they are supposed to be learning and how, that they are actively participating in the class and that learning is really taking place. ♦ Welfare and accommodation The inspectors make sure that the organisation is awareof how difficult it can be to come and study in a foreign country. They look at the information about Britain and the support students are given, and the procedures that are in place for dealing with emergencies. If the organisation offers accommodation, the inspectors check on whether this is regularly inspected by the organisation and whether student complaints about accommodation are acted onpromptly and effectively. Our inspectors also visit a sample of the accommodation offered to see if it meets our standards. ♦ Premises and resources The buildings and classrooms in which courses take place are checked by our inspectors. They are particularly concerned to see whether they are safe, and suitable for teaching. Accredited organisations offer a range of resources - from the fairly simpleto computer suites and self-access centres; what our inspectors check is whether the resources are sufficient for teaching English, and also whether an organisation really offers the resources it claims in its publicity. ♦ Courses for children and young people The English in Britain scheme looks particularly carefully at organisations which offer courses for juniors. Our inspectors check whetherchildren are cared for and properly supervised all the time, in class, on leisure activities and during their free time, that the teaching and leisure activities are suitable for them, whether their accommodation is satisfactory and whether the organisation is able to deal with emergencies.

♦ Publicity and advertising The inspectors also check the organisation’s own publicity materials, to...
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