Electronic business management : la redoute study case

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Context Company: La Redoute

1. Brief Description 2
2. WSF 2
3. Use Case model of Participants and Processes 3
3.1. Use Case model 4
3.2. Explanatory notes 4
4. DFD Model ofProcesses and Information 4
4.1. DataFlow Diagram 4
4.2. Explanatory notes 4
5. Information Structure 4
5.1. Data Dictionary 4
5.2. Entity Relationship Attribute model 4
5.3. Explanatory notes4
6. Technology Now and in the Future 4
References 4
Websites 4
Books and Journal Articles 5

Brief Description

La Redoute is the largest mail order company in France. The company is basedin Roubaix and was founded in 1875.The CEO is Bertrand de Thalout. It is owned by the PPR holding company (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute).

The first activity was the women’s clothing but the companydeveloped more activities as home equipment, leisure etc. Today, La Redoute is well-known as a multi-specialist and targets a large segment of customers.

Using intensively technologies, systemsinformation and adopting a strong logistic system, La Redoute is the national leader of distance selling.

The annual sales volume is about 1700 billion of Euros. La Redoute is also an internationalbrand with 23% of its sales made in 15 countries (most European countries).

The two main objectives of the company are the brands development and the customer’s satisfaction.

La Redoute uses amulti-channel distribution: catalogues, call centres or Internet which represents 25% of the total of sales. This is an element of differentiation for the company against its competitors. The objective isto give innovating answers to the customers thanks to a strong internal network.

Customer | Products and services |
Private customerAll segments of customers |Multi-specialist:ClothingdecorationHome equipmentLeisure etc.Services: delivery, after-sales service |
Work practices (major activities): * Private customers order items on the website and pay on-line * Private customers...