Energie renouvelable

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In the new energy future
we'll need to think small

la cause des énergie nouvelle / The cause of the new energy
les différente énergie nouvelles / Various energy news
Countries most and lessecological of the planet
Les pays les PLUS pollueurs / The most polluting countries
ce qui est fait au niveau international
ce que vous est moi pouvons faire a notre niveau / What you and I let uscan make for our level

To produce the man at need of natural resources and his(her,its) resources are over-exploited so much that they do not have time any more of renewed .
The situation for thenon-renewable resources is even graver, ores run out and the oil reserves would cover at the moment 40 years of needs.
To produce more and more energy it is to draw more and more from the naturalresources of the earth(ground).
All the energies are not however equal face to face of the impact on the environment.
Not only this impact has an often neglected economic cost but it introducesespecially imbalance of the ecosystem the human race of which will pay one day the consequences.
The men destroyed the environment, they are the cause of the global warming of the plannette, of theagravement of the floods, of the pollution and the erosion.
The man will have to pay attention on natural resources.
Choose to use preferentially the renewable energies it is to assure(insure) along-lasting(sustainable) and harmonious economic development, the sustainable development appears today as being a necessity and takes into account the environmental protection at the local and world level.5 families renewable energies

The solar energy
The photovoltaic solar energy
The low-temperature thermal Solar energy
The high-temperature thermal solar energy
Thewind energy
The hydro-electric power - Hydro power
The big hydraulics
The small hydraulics
The marine energies
The biomass
wood energy
The biogas