English essay : meaning of the song "the sound of silence"

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English Essay : How do you personally interpret the song “The Sound of Silence” ?

I would say that the song, “the Sound of Silence” by Paul Simon and Arthur Garfunkel tells us a vision, adream or maybe a nightmare that one of the both singers had. Of course, it is just a guess, but I think it is likely. I personnaly think that the nightmare is about a governement that impedes the freedomof his people.
Firstly, in the dream, the heroe or main character seems to be alone : the lyrics says “In restless dreams I walked alone” , and the first sentences of the song confirms thisidea : the word “darkness” gives an impression of loneliness, and the phrase “I’ve come to talk with you again” means that this main character has nobody to talk with but Darkness, which is a badsituation. To sum up, the beginning of the song make me think that it is a nightmare, about loneliness.
Secondly, a lot of expressions make me think that the lonely protagonist of the nightmare livesin a State directed by the despotism and the lack of freedom : “People talking without speaking, people ” certainly means that in spite of the fact that the people can’t express their feelings,because of the totalitarian regime, they manage to communicate between themselves. What’s more, the next sentence seems to confirm that the state is ruled by a dictatorship that abolished the freedom ofspeech : “People writing song that voices never share” : the people that dare to write songs too commited are silenced by the governement. But some people keep fighting for the liberty, a sort of“resistance”, and these persons try to make everybody aware of the bad situation in which they are and that “no one dare disturb”. And to broadcast the message, they use different means, like writing messagesof rebellion on the “subway walls” and “tenement halls”.
So, to conclude, I think that this song, which is itself commited, tries to make us aware of the lack of liberty in a lot of...