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In « Coping with info glut » published by The Times, Peter Williams describes the importance of the mailing and in generally the info glut today that means the senior-level executives need to managethe volume of information.
We are now in the Age of Info glut and it has already modified the manager work. Every day, the manager received a lot of information and they need to have strategies foridentifying and prioritizing them. Today, a company sends and received an average of 190 messages a day! So, it is generated a form of extra stress for the manager. A British psychologist claims havenamed it The Information Fatigue Syndrome as show the article in the paragraph 1. For example, the chief tax counsel at Pitney Bowes, Arlen Henock, need and must now to deal with the flow has creptinto his personal time and it changes the rythme of his life!. He now must wake up more early and read his mail before going to his job because of mailing during the night from Europe and responds to themost important messages.
The volume information implies also a new organization of the companies. They pay a big attention on the information so that means a new phase of the development of systemsto produce, store and analyze it. This tendency of spam mailing implies advantages and problems for the companies. Although the problems are to manage the information and to manage the processes ofbig communication. It is can be a big force too for the companies because it’s a way of running to business and Microsoft has understood that rapidly. They spend hours a day reading and sendingmessages.
Finally, the info glut can be a great advantage for the lower level workers who can now talk directly with the chiefs by e-mail… Then Peters Bowes had named the messaging meltdown as the fact thatpeople can use various means of communication today to arrive at their purposes, to insist (e-mail, fax, telephone) ...
For conclusion, we can says that info glut is an evolution which need an...