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No 1 Seething Lane
10th december 2010

United Kongdom London

Dear Mr Smith,

Let me introduce myself, myname is Laureen and I am 14 years old. I send you this letter reason, last week in your program has been eliminated Allison my favorite candidate!It's maybe ridiculous but it is unfair.

So, of course I have other reason than "it's my favorite candidate".
Allison is the best of this promotion!I don't understand your choice, really!
I think the audience of this show will fall, sur ! Allison sang very well, and danced too !
For exampleMr, You remember the performance of Justin, oh.. Justin, Justin
That all the girls cheering the beautiful small boy ! His performance was null, evenworse! He massacred the Beatles song “ magical mystery tour “ Oh my god !! I have never seen such a thing, you will not tell me you've found it well Ihope! Really it's unfair, U N F A I R E you'r understand, Allison is very beautilful, and I repeat she sang very very very well! You really think Justindeserves to win? No, no it's impossible ! You know why Justin was saved? Because he's beautiful ! Just for that, that's all. Really i'am angry becausewhat kind of boy annoys me to think beautiful. Oh .. I am really disappointed with the choice, I have watched this show but I think now .. I thinkmany people will be like me, it's sur !
so please, take into consideration.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.