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  • Publié le : 21 septembre 2010
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In China there are millions of people learning English everyday and it has led to some great improvements in life, yet it has also some setbacks. While learning English may seem like an easy task forus Americans, it truly is a decade long experience and pain for many Chinese people. This new concept around the world that states English is the most important language in the world is taken byheart in China were students spend most of their childhood and teenage years studying English. This English mania has many great advantages in the Chinese world, but it also has a downside.
Thisdownside is seen widely in China and even throughout the whole world. The Chinese students are forced by law to learn a foreign language and have to start learning English as early as in third grade. Thislaw is being used all throughout China and is a major requirement in receiving an education or reaching college to better them selves. This puts a lot of stress on young children who have fresh mindsthat also have to learn many more important topics such as their own language, arithmetic, and the many other subjects in school. I believe that the Chinese should first let the children master theirown language before they force them to spend most of their childhood learning a foreign language. The Chinese are probably one of the greatest believers in hard work and it shows through the countriesmagnificent financial improvements in the last couple of decades, yet I feel that this idea of hard work is taken too far for the children. I don’t believe that young children and teenagers should bestudying for twelve hours a day, yet they should be enjoying their childhoods and not worrying about studying for such a huge test at a young age. The effects of this English mania are not only seen inChina, but throughout the whole world. I believe that the Chinese government is teaching these children at such alarming rates to ultimately compete with the United States and to bring more...