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I am currently enrolled in a post baccalaureate two-years Trade course at the Institut Supérieur Marseille Cadenelle in Provence. For the past year, i havestudied International Trade and Economics, as well as two foreign languages.

This unpaid work experience will lead me to a Prospection work. Mydiscipline allows me to make phoning, mailing, preparing missions abroad as well as fairs. My English and Spanish are fluent. I also master the IT tool andsoftwares such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

As you can see in my Curriculum Vitae, my work experience acquired during my summer-jobs allowed me to develop mysense of contact, organization and responsibilities. Sociable, hard-worker and dynamic, I would use these qualities in a serious and fruitful work with yourteam to validate my formation.

When I first saw what your society created, I completely felt in love with your work. All your products are fantastic andI cannot imagine myself working in a such good environment as your enterprise.
I so hope I will be given this outstanding opportunity to work with you,showing what I’m capabe of.

I also would enjoy going to another country, travelling means a lot to me. I guess I am a English-speaker country addicted, ireally enjoy practice this language, and i wish i could learn everything about American culture.

It is my hope that after you have read the attached C.V,we can have a phone interview, or an exchange of mails to discuss how i can contribute to your organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration.