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To : Davis JOHNSON, marketing director
From : Amaury MAMOU-MANI, évents director
Date : 03/16/2011

Topic : Choosing an hotel for annual convention

As you surely know since somemonth, our next annual convention will take place in Osaka this year. This convention is organized in order to meet all our top executives director in order to present them a resume of ouractivities of the year, and a presentation of the years to come.
This meeting will last 2 nights and 3 days, we are talking about 80 participants.
What we need is a luxurious place, inthe heart of Osaka and not to far from the main trainstation. Our participants have to be in single room. Each person should have access to some facilities as internet access or printing. Thehotel must have at least 2 conference room with basic equipment (projector / laser).

To elect a place, we keep on our mind 2 hotels : The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the Kinki hotel.

TheRitz- Carlton hotel is in the business disctrict of Osaka, a perfect location whereas Kinki hotel is at 10 min by walking from the heart of Osaka.
Each of them contain at least 2conference room.
The Ritz-Carlton got awarded restaurants and is a luxurious place, whereas Kinki hotel has only two restaurants (japanese and european).
Ritz-Carlton hotel has severals parks andgarden, as well, it got a SPA and a swiming-pool. Kinki doesn’t have any particular equipment.
Ritz-Carlton hotel got a High-secure-underground parking whereas Kinki hotel has an outdoorparking.
Concerning price, Ritz-Carlton is twice more expansive than Kinki hotel but it doesn’t really matter.
Both place got an High speed internet access.

For all this reasons, wedecided that this annual convention will to take place in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Now, I let you contact our top executives manager in order to invit them.

Best regards, Amaury MAMOU-MANI.