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Internship in Travel Agency in Lima.

Bienaimé Clémence
European Business School

This is a report of my internship in February 2010 in Peru. I have to explainwhy I did it there. I have a Peruvian friend in EBS in my group who asked me if I would like to share an experience with him: do my internship in Peru. Of course I accepted. We were not in the samefamily and we did not work in the same company but we shared this experience and came back so happy! I hope you will enjoy my report!
I did my internship during one month in Lima in South of America. Iworked in a travel Agency called Kalistour in Miraflores the business district in the South of Lima. It is a new agency which was born three years ago and still developing today. The CEO is going toopen new agencies in the South of Peru in Arequipa and Cusco and one in Paris because I have to explain; she is Peruvian women living in France since 1990.

Every day was different and it was notso boring. I had to help the CEO to develop the website and improve it because it is one of the sources to attract news customers. Therefore I created news articles about the different circuits in allPeru. (The most important are in the South) I did different categories to classificate those circuits and other tours and I used a software called Joomla wich help me to put the articles from thesoftware WORD to the online. It was a part of my job and the other was about translation. Every circuit is written in Spanish and the most of customers are French people. I had to translate it in Frenchand then publish it online on the website. It was not always funny to do it because it is a little bit repetitive and sometimes news technologies have problems and stop working even if you do notunderstand what happens. However I cannot tell you my job is boring because the atmosphere was friendly and I keep in mind only good memories. My schedules were 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. There was not...