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English: Dialogue

Situation: For a party, a girl, Jenny, has stolen a dress in a shop which costs a lot because her father didn’t want her to buy it. A man caught her red handed and sheis now at the police station. Her father has been told about that so he comes to pick her up.

Father (F): Where is she? Where is my daughter? While the hell, what have you done it again?You should be ashamed! Go and get in the car, right now!

Daughter (D): But Daddy, Daddy…

F: Be quiet! I don’t want to hear you! Go out!

D: Stop shouting! You'd better listen to me!F: That’s enough! I can't take it anymore! What's got into you?

D: I’m not to blame, You are!

F: You must be kidding! This is ridiculous!

D: No, I’m not! You are!

F: I’mlistening to you! I wish you told me the truth!

D: Fine! It took place this morning! You didn’t give me some money! Do you remember? And I saw this dress in the shop!

F: Don’t tell me that youstole it?

D: I took it and I went out, except that the shop’s guy saw me!

F: Oh my God! You really disappoint me! Why did you do this? Tell me!

D: Remember, I had spoken to you abouta party which was organized by a friend. But you have forbidden me that! You know what I mean? That’s why I have decided to go there. Yet, I didn’t have money to pay one dress. As Iabsolutely wanted to go to this party, I had this idea. And I thought that you wouldn’t be told about it.

F: I’m fed up with you! What do you take me for? You can't help disobeying me.

D: Itmakes me sick! Anyway I’m going to this party whether you like it or not! I couldn't care less of what you think of it! Give me a break!

F: No way! This is the limit! You’re grounded! Iwould like you to go on studying!

D: So what? I don't go for it! Couldn’t you understand me? If only you were not so selfish!

F: ohhhhh... of course not!

D: Dad, I am an adult now!!!