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France Continues to Deport Roma (21st August, 2010)
[pic][pic]France’s policy of deporting Roma people to Romania is continuing. The French immigration minister Eric Besson has told reporters allRoma going back to “their country of origin” are doing so on a “purely voluntary basis”. This involves accepting a cash payment of $380 from the French government. Around 125 Roma flew back to theRomanian capital Bucharest on Friday, a day after 79 left. Mr Besson said any Roma who did not “volunteer” to leave France would be forced to leave, without the $380. Besson rejected any criticism, saying:"France is the country in Europe which most respects the rights of foreigners… We have become the second country in the world after the United States in granting asylu
The Roma are traditionally atravelling people. There are about 15,000 living in France. Many Roma communities have faced discrimination in other European countries. The Roma are EU citizens and therefore under EU law, have theright to live in any European Union country. However, France has the right to expel the Roma if they have no work permit or proof they can support themselves financially. Many of the returned Roma havevowed to go back to France. Ionut Balasz, 26, said: "Of course I'm thinking about returning to France. Life is better there than in Romania." The Romanian foreign minister Teodor Basconschi said:"What has happened in Paris shows that we must have an integration plan across Europe for Roma citizens."

1. TRUE / FALSE: Read the headline. Guess if  a-h  below are true (T) or false (F).
|a.|France is ordering many Italians to leave the country. |T / F |
|b. |A French minister said all people leaving are choosing to leave.|T / F |
|c. |The minister said only people who volunteered to leave would leave. |T / F |