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I would like to introduce this graph because I think renewable energies are tomorrow’s energies. Through this graph, we can observe that renewable energies are less used than natural energies likeOil, Gas or coal. Nevertheless, we also notice that in 2095, the renewable energies will be much more used than in 1965. It’s a good hope for our environment and the earth. Now, I will explain thisgraph in more details.


I will start with the oil growth from 1965 to 2095. We can see that, in the 60’s, there has been a growth during 15 years and oilpassed from 1500 Mtoe per year to approximately 3250 Mtoe. There has been a decline in 1977 until the mid eighties. After this decline, we notice that another growth appeared until 2005, but now wecan see that oil is in an important fall. We think that in 2095, the oil used by sources will be close to 0.
It’s approximately the same situation for gas because in 1975, gas stood at 500 Mtoe peryear and the peak will be reached between 2025 and 2035. After this date, we imagine gas will have the same future as oil.
Coal used by source had the same expansion as oil. Unfortunately, coal willplunge from 2025 to 2095. The drop will be sudden.
Nuclear energy is not used a lot by source because it’s a dangerous resource. It can cause a lot of death and many countries prefer developing oil,gas and coal or the renewable resources. We can observe that nuclear had a slow growth during this period but we can anticipate that in 2095, nuclear will have the same situation.
It’s the samephenomenon for hydro. The curve is in growth since 1965 and we notice that in 2095, hydro will be more used than the other natural resources.
To conclude, renewable energies were not in the rich countrieshabits until 2007. Many politicians and movie makers made a polemic because of the global warming due to our way of living. For instance, we have seen the very famous Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient...