Enlarging exportation diversity in ivory coast

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0-Abstract(Summary) 2


2-Description 2-6

3-Diversification of Ivory coast Exportation :5

3.1 Example: Oil Industry 6

3.1.1 Identify Basic Appeal 7

3.1.2 Basic Demand 7

3.1.3-Availability of Resources8-9


3.1.5 The SWOT ANALYSES: 11-12

3.1.6 Entry strategy 12

3.2 Example: Tourism

3.2.1-Tourism Demand :13

3.2.2- Tourism development strategy 13

3 .2.3 SWOT ANALYSIS : 14-15

3.2.4- Entry method: 15


5-Recommandation 16

6-Bibliography 16

7-Abbreviation 17


Abstract (summary)

The main exportation Product from ivory coast are cacao, and coffee, but the worldwide trade is more competitive. the brazil and Columbia take more part for exporting coffee and cacao in Europe and United States. How to diversify the exportation product and services to get the competitiveadvantage and been more flexibility in the exportation.

In this paper we will see the Strategies for enlarging the export diversity in ivory coast for helping the country to be more protected for the decrease price in the worldwide market.

The Ivory coast has many potentiality to develop but the universalization and the liberalization of the exchanges to be effective it is necessary to becompetitive and answer international standards.

We understand diversification is an essential element to protect from the rise from the prices on the international market especially the products whose transactions are done on the stock market. the services today constitutes an important component of diversification because the receipts recorded by certain country are very considerable andweighs heavy in their GDP.

1- The Issue

In this case we go proceeded at the first part of this with an exhaustive analysis of the various leading products of exports, of its positioning on the worldwide market and then we will propose the development of other products and services, the strategies and the methods to be used to penetrate the growth markets and we will also discuss on the aspectscultural, political and economic which will influence our strategies. We will see how it is necessary to make to develop these products and services with the international level, we will determine the forces and the weak ones of our strategies and we determine the various methods to be used to penetrate this market and gained market share, to be competitive on the worldwide market.

In this...