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i4000 Series Scanners

Bridging The Productivity Gap

Amazingly compact, remarkably full-featured
Based on a new platform the Kodak i4000 Series Scanners are building the bridge between Kodak’s i1420 and i1440 Scanners for lower volume applications, and the Kodak i600/i700 Series Scanners for mid- and high volume applications.The i4000 Series Scanners deliver impressive realworld advantages, and are the ideal choice for capture process automation and versatility. This guide positions the i4000 Series in the Kodak Product family, as well as highlighting key selling points, performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) advantages over competitors, flexibility and more. Real world advantages you can win with.

Marketsand needs
The use of document imaging and business process automation is rapidly shifting to small- and medium-size businesses. The market drivers include: > Compliancy with government regulations > Protection from disaster like fire or flooding > Efficiency speeding up business processes formerly based on paper > Information - document management and business intelligence
Process AutomationEnterprise Upgrading/ Expanding

Workflow/BPM Scan, Store, Retrieve

Mid-Tier SMB Departmental and Government New to Document Management Small Business, Workgroups Personal Scanning

Introducing the i4000 Series Scanners - our most versatile solution for capture process automation
> Renowned Kodak quality, performance and reliability at a remarkable price > Greatly increased productivitythrough ease of use and acceleration of scanning workflows > Outstanding image quality without user intervention due to Perfect Page with new functions > Smart Touch functionality = Scanning at the touch of a button > Flexible options, field upgradeable, outstanding compatibility and incredibly versatile Kodak Capture Desktop Software > Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in class and high return oninvestments (ROI) > see TCO chart > World-class Kodak Service & Support. Available with 3-year Performance Plus Service Contract *
*) Geographical limitations apply

Kodak i4000 Series Scanners deliver ideal answers for all customers:
Customers new to document management are looking for:
User-friendly, easy to learn A flexible solution, not just a scanner Functionality exceeding other officeequipment Results delivered as promised Leading with confidence Out-of-the-box productivity, Smart Touch functionality, Capture Desktop Software, one-button shortcuts and minimal training allow users to become productive quickly Simplified integration within any DMS, ECM, Microsoft SharePoint or existing process; Kodak as a single supplier of scanners, software and services. No more hassle withmultiple vendors for different offerings Compact footprint, simplified and hassle-free operation (less jamming than a copier or MFP) create a positive user experience; Smart Touch (one-touch ease of use) is unique within this scanner class; better image quality with Perfect Page Fast results in terms of paper reduction in backlog scanning, easier access to scanned documents, process automation,significant time and money savings, etc. prove this solution’s value quickly Because of the ease, reliability, productivity, savings and Kodak’s single-source advantages, you have more proof points and sales advantages than with other manufacturers

Customers with capture experience wishing to upgrade or to expand are looking for:
Greater productivity Flexibility and compatibility; ISIS and TWAINstandards Upgrade path Reliable, long-lasting performance Minimized pre- and postscan processing Up to 120 ppm or up to 50.000 documents per day; maximum uptime and assurance via Kodak Service & Support Easy integration with ECM systems, workflow applications, databases, Microsoft SharePoint and others; Kodak Capture Desktop Software provides document processing and management power; The i4000...