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SUJET 2 : First and foremost, parents are adults. They are responsible and have already a life experience and that is why they can show their children the goodway, for example for a job offer or studies. In addition, the fact that parents help their children to take decisions is useful in order to show to the children how to be in their future life. Finally,the better part of parenting is seeing the success of its children. What I mean is that parents may have been neglected by their own parents and so they want the best for their children, and they wantto be proud of them, that by making the right choices.

We must also take into account that the parents’ attitude can be quite bad for the children and that sometimes, children should take theirown decisions. To begin with, if the parents interfere too much with their children’s choices, it could cause a domestic conflict between parents and children. To give an example, it could be a haircut,a way of dressing or a tattoo… Moreover, parents’ preferences are often different from those of the children, because they are not the same age old, are not a member of the same generation andconsequently what they believe to be good does not correspond to the children. Last but not least, if the parents choose too much instead of the children, youths will always want an external opinion andwon’t be able to make choices when they are adults such as political or religious opinion.

All things considered, I would say that following parents’ advices is the best when you hesitate, because theyhave more experience than us. But on the other-hand, I think that taking our own decisions makes build character and toughen the mind because after all, our parents won’t be around forever.

Sujet 1Pour le contenu, s’appuyer sur les premières lignes du texte et sur le dernier paragraphe : des élèves sympathiques qui sont rapidement devenus des amis, qui l’ont rapidement intégré dans leur...