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Is it sometimes acceptable to break the law?

It is a well-known fact that in some circumstances – in case of war, dictatorship, occupation, etc. –breaking the law can be, somehow considered acceptable. For instance, during World War 2, it cannot be denied that the ones who resisted Germany broke hundreds oflaws but are still regarded as heroes because they also saved thousands of lives. However, the real question here is whether breaking the law can be admitted ineveryday life extreme situations such as stealing money for food, or killing someone in a self defense case?

As far as I am concerned, the law alreadyanswers this question. Cases of self defense are very well specified in the Penal Code as well as manslaughter cases. Attenuating circumstances also exist in lawconcerning thefts committed by needy persons. This way, a mother who steals bread to feed her children won’t probably be charged as much as a greedybillionaire who stole money from his clients. Therefore, we can see that in some cases even the law is flexible for something illegal.

Yet, some tend to think thisjustice system is not fair since it is true that in certain circumstances, courts do make mistakes and condemn people who had no other choice than to break thelaw. However, I think that even if the sentence could be less strict, courts still have to judge these people because admitting one can break the law withoutgetting trouble could lead the world into anarchy and chaos. For all these reasons I do not think that it is sometimes acceptable to do something illegal.