Essai d'anglais : how far should ambition be one of the leading motivations in choosing a business career ?

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  • Publié le : 5 décembre 2010
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Sujet d'essai en anglais : How far should ambition be one of the leading motivations in choosing a business career ?

Auteur : Heart & Spirit

« Big results require big ambitions » James Champyonce said. Ambition seems to lie at the heart of choosing and managing a business career. Yet, is it truly a motivating force ?

Admittedly, ambition is dangerous if it becomes excessive. It may leadto an inaccurate assessment of one's strengths and weaknesses, and may lead to a misunderstanding of real career aims.
Furthermore, if you display too much ambition you may be perceived aspower-oriented by your colleagues, who will be inclined to remark: « Look at this greedy guy who is ready to get to the top at any cost ».
Finally, there is a danger of neglecting job satisfaction andself-development if you are obsessed only by job titles, power and financial gain.

On the contrary, moderate and well justified ambition can be a great advantage in setting and achieving business goals.It can provide a strong self-image of future business success and helps in developing « the dare to dream » philosophy.
If you are ambitious, you will not be intimidated by responsibility and willhave a positive approach to challenges. Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive officer once said that « ambitious individuals actively search for opportunities and are able to withstand setbacks ».Ambition can be a real motivator: it generates both self-confidence and decisiveness which are well-known entrepreneurial skills. If you lack ambition, you will probably lack consistency and persistence, bereluctant to take up challenges and to unleash your full potential to become a trouble-shooter in business.
Realistic ambition really empowers us, helping us to believe in ourselves and to be willingto apply Nike’s motto : « Just do it ».

At the end of the day, I think that ambition is a key motivator in opting for a business career. If it is demanding but at the same time realistic, it...