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English: Essay: “Why Africa welcome Chinese?”

1°: Résumé

This article drawn from the Guardian, a British newspaper, was written by Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s President since 2003.
He broachestwo crucial subjects for Africa of today: First, the Chinese’s investments in Africa and its impact on African societies. And secondly, all problems linked up to Occident’s aids for Africa’sdevelopment and the ideological war between China and Occident.

2°: Essay

The global volume of Sino African commerce grow up from 11 milliard $ to 107 in eight years. Since Charm El Cheik’s summitlast 9 of November, China and Africa exhibit an alliance more and more strong. However what’s the price of this Union? Is it really a “win-win” relation?
This partnership lets Westerners verysceptical: Is it jealousy or a real wish to protect Africa? We could be sceptical in return on the Occident which had pillaged Africa during colonization and which creates dependence’s relation instead ofegalitarian.
The aid goal must be call into question.

Most of African countries know corruption, civil war, famine …
Moreover Africa was abandoned by Occident since the end of colonization.That’s why African see a great opportunity to be associate with China because Chinese have proved their expertise in many economic fields. So, Chinese’s presence could offer to increase jobs, outlets andcompetitiveness and (en definitive) could ameliorate life and install democracy.

However all this advantages are not visible yet and China is not a real democratic example.
Africa run a risk to beexploited again and seems to become the new low cost (main d’oeuvre). Moreover the competition between Chinese’s imported products and local’s products is unfavorable for Africa.
Africa is not owner ofits own national wealth: “they rent out their continent”.
Do they have a choice? X
There are more inconvenient rather than advantage for the population. So, in my opinion the good question is...