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When I was young, I was narrow-minded and I just wanted to visit Europe and America, modern continents, nothing special. I have been to a lot of European countries but never in America and it is apity because I really want to go there.
By increasing, I became more and more curious and now, Asian countries fascinate me. I have ever been to Israel which is a marvelous country, and I hope to goin China and in India soon. I know a lot of things about India but I guess it is not the same when you go there since by visiting it,because you really understand the historical and cultural aspectsof the country.
It is a region of historic trade routes and vast empires so it was identified with its commercial and cultural wealth for much of its long history. India possesses rich and variedlandscapes as the Thar Desert, bordering seas and islands, and the northern mountains including Himalaya. Everything seems to be wonderful.
Indian religions form one of the most defining aspects ofIndian culture. Buddhism is a great philosophy of life and I am ADMIRATIVE DEVANT this faith.
I have heard that Many Indian festivals are religious in origin, although several are celebratedirrespective of caste and creed. I’d like to participate at one of them.
Thanks to globalization we can know Indian music, dance and cinema without traveling, it is just a traveling of SPIRIT.
Indiancuisine is characterized by a wide variety of regional styles and sophisticated use of herbs and spices, what we are not used to cook in France. Even if there are many restaurants in Paris I’d prefer toeat at an Indian family in its own country.
Traditional Indian family values are highly respected, and multi-generational patriarchal joint families have been the norm, although nuclear families arebecoming common in urban areas. A majority of Indians have their marriages arranged by their parents and other respected family members. Marriage is thought to be for life, and the divorce rate is...