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Can one still be a feminist today?

Nowadays, there are still lot of inequalities between men and women, that’s why

feminists want to bridge the gap, but there hadbeen much progress. So, are there

reasons to be a feminist today?

Firstly, although according to the law women and men have exactly the same rights

and status , it is adeep-seated-belief in our society that women are different from

men. In their family lives, women have always taken care of household chores,

children and many more Thetasks haven’t really been shared. These have some

consequences in their professional lives. Indeed, women have to choose jobs that fit

in with the demands of motherhood,moreover because of their private lives there are

few women with careers: top jobs are hard to reach for women . So there are no

chance equalities between men and womenthat’s why it is legitimate that feminists

still strive for equality.

However, in my humble opinion nowadays feminists are not really feminists. They

used to fightagainst real and intelligent things: the right to vote, the right to be equal

with men -and they had got it- they used to want to make society change by using

their brains.But today they don’t have anything to fight against, feminism is not about

wearing short skirts and telling the world that you are in possession of your own body

and it isnot about claiming that women are being objectified by men. I think that so-

called feminists forget what feminism truly is.

To conclude, I think that one can be afeminist today because there are many

reasons for a feminist to fight against but, only a real feminist and not a fake

one like nowadays who fight against irrelevant things.